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SpaceLamb Description

About SpaceLamb

In this diversion you have to help Bishop the Lamb return home in the wake of having got into inconvenience amid an outing through the universe!

While going through the universe looking for new thoughts, information and innovation, our specialty chief Bishop the Lamb has into inconvenience! His spaceship has slammed into a space rock and has been crushed to pieces and Bishop has recently figured out how to escape with his life. Fortunately he’s not a long way from home, but rather everything that he figured out how to gather amid his undertakings is presently scattered in circle. Help Bishop to return securely to Earth and assemble the majority of the valuable freight!

Utilizing bright three-dimensional illustrations, the diversion gives the client an assortment of approaches to interface with the item: by utilizing a PC mouse or camera.

How to Play SpaceLamb

Using the mouse - move to the sides to control the lamb. Camera: Control Lamb by using your head: move your head left, right, up and down to set the direction of movement of the lamb.

SpaceLamb Strategy



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